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All about Neymar by Elijah, Marcus and Khwarzum

Neymar is from Brazil and  he in the champions league is in Barcelona. He was born on February 5 1992[age 23] in Morgue Das Cruzes in Sao Paulo in Brazil. Neymar’s Salary is 8.8 million EUR and his height is 1.85m. His children is Dave Lucas DA Silva and his siblings is Rafael beck ran. Neymar da Santos Junior is commonly know as Neymar or Neymar JR is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays for Spanish club FC Barcelona and is the captain for the Brazilian national team. He plays as a forward and a winger.The accident Neymar had was a back kick and a Colombian player injured him. He won  the south american player of the year award at the age of 19. His occupation is a Soccer player and his nickname is Juninho. He became a father at the age of 19.  When Neymar 11 he joined the Santos junior team. Neymar Joined the Santos academy where he perfected his skills.When Neymar was 14 he flew to Spain and he joined the Spanish side. Neymar was the top scorer at the 2010 Copa do Brazil Tournament with 11 goals.

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Soccer Tournament !! chapter 2

The week after we played are quarter final we practiced our killer moves such as  making the shot, fire smasher,dragon crash and spinning shot. The team was Aikaan, Kabish,  Yannis,  Khwarzum, Marcus, Stephan, Allen, Sharwin, Sahiththian,  Ethan and  Orlando. The  team was all set for kick of  and Marcus has the ball he is going to the goal he passes but the goal saves. He boots it he flops and Yannis  scored! WHAT A FINISH she chips and celebrates .Barcelona lead.Then there was no goal until half time and until the 90 the minute  and Barcelona go to the finals of the  champions league final!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’




The day has finally arrived Barcelona vs Real Madrid  the team that is playing in the final is Orlando in goal  Stephan Allen Aditya and Aikaan in defense Khwarzum  Yannis and Elijah in midfield and in strike Sahiththian Sharwin and Marcus. The team was ready and we were so pumped up.the was started and Sharwin was running with the ball and crosses in and Marcus scores. Barcelona 1  0 Real Madrid then Benzema  comes in and scores right at half  time. Barcelona 1   1 Realmadrid. The trophy was waiting to be taken.then Ronaldo went to the box he shooted and he scored Barcelona 1  2 Realmadrid then suddenly Orlando booted it and passed it to Elijah and he scored Barcelona 2  2 Realmadrid. There was a substitute Kabish on Sharwin of.



Extra time

In extra time there was no goal but there was 2 red cads one on each team Benzema from Real Madrid  and Yannis from Barcelona it was time for penalty.

What will happen in the penalty?

The first penalty was token by Real Madrid and Ronaldo took it and scored then surprisingly Marcus missed and then bale scored for then it was 2 -0 then khwarzum scored for Barcelona then Realmadrid missed two penalties and Barcelona scored two then they scored one as well then Kabish scored the last one and Barcelona won the  champions league with all the hard work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.



🍨🍭🍬🍩🍫 🍡🍰🍦Mind Candy🍦🍰🍡🍫🍩🍬🍭🍨


Chapter 1 

The three girls are playing skipping. ” So who is going to skip” said Katniss, ” Alison why don’t you go in the middle to skip?” said Sienna.” BANG BANG” ” What’s that noise ” said Katniss ” oh on the rope is going away hold on to it” said Sienna. ” Wait,  you forgot about me” said Alison. ” Well we will come back, just wait herrrrrrr! ” said Katniss. “Where are we going, I feel a bit bad for Alison

” Mmmmmhhhhh can you smell that delicious smell” said Sienna. ” It’s sweets ” they both said together in an excitement. ” Remember that place that we all ever dreamed of ” said Katniss, ” it’s Mind Candy world !” Sienna said ” Alison should have come here ” said Katniss,” where should we start ” said Sienna ” what to do you mean” said Katniss. ” Well you aren’t going to just sit here where everything is made out of sweets,YOUCAN EAT IT!” said Sienna screaming. Won’t you love that delious  creamy, munch, chocolate in front of you and won’t eat it? If you won’t eat it. Why? It is sooooo creamy.

Chapter 2

As Katniss and Sienna were eating they heard a noise, people were talking so Sienna and Katniss was hiding. Those people were made out of candy, ” Come on let’s explain our names to them” said Sienna.” Hi my name is Sienna and this is my friend Katniss.” said Sienna. “Oh my gosh, did you see this machine that took you here ” said the Mrs Nice. ” Yes” said Katniss, ” Finally they’re here. That machine that bought you here , they made you get here on purpose” said Mrs Lovely. ” What do you mean?” They both said. “You’re hear to defeat the evil queen” the candy people replied.” Is there a ruler for this place?” said Katniss.” Yes, he is here so it would be better if we take you now” said Mrs Nice.

 Chapter 3

” My lord we have some visitors,and they are not made out of candy” said Mrs Lovely. So they had a chat and all agreed to help defeat the  evil queen you will need to stay here though” said the Lord. ” Oh no we left  Alison behind and we need to stay here” said Katniss ” she won’t worry we are doing important work”.

  This is when the action begins they were all getting ready to defeat the queen. When they are going to defeat the queen they will need to practise on what to do. Tommorow was the day they were going to fight the queen, but first the Lord of candy needs to talk to the witch. ” You evil witch, you are very selfish and we have the girls” said the Lord of candy. “What no you haven’t, your tricking me I will need proof” said the witch. ” That means, we shall defeat you tommorow at 12 o ‘ clock sharp.

  Chapter 4

Today was the day they will fight  the evil witch. ” Hello Katniss wake up its the day” said Sienna dragging Katniss and they both got changed. The candy side had lots of people but again so did the witch, but was it enough to kill the Candy Mind. Another bad thing was that whenever the witch came the candy world got dull because they never liked her. This was when it happened.

As it started the candy people tricked each other, because everything’s as made out of candy so they didn’t know what was made out of candy. The witch was getting stronger and stronger every minute. That means she was going to win. Then Katniss and Sienna appeared from nowhere and defeating that evil witch.


That evil witch was gone in the minute. The witch replied us back and said sorry.

Mind candy was all back to normal and they even let Sienna and Katnisss have a little stay. One thing they forgot all about Alison.

This is how the story ends.

Harry Potter philosophers stone book review


The characters in Harry Potter is Harry, Ron, Hermione, Voldermort Mr and Mrs Weasley, Proffesor, Qurril, Dumbledore,Snape, Malfoy, Aunt Petunia, Uncle Vernon, Dudley, Fred, George, Percy, Professor McGonagall, Fluffy, Ginny, nearly headless Nick, Oliver Wood and Hagrid.

Favourite character

My favourite character is Harry because he is very noisy and brave he is also really friendly with Ron and Hermoine. Another reason I like him is because he is the one who got rid of Voldermort also he is very arrogant and wants to know all the secrets in Hogwarts.

Least favourite character

My least favourite character is Malfoy because he is very annoying and always wants to be centre of attention by being rude to Harry by saying how he doesn’t have any parents and he shows of by saying how he is a pure blood.

What is the book about

The book is a about an innocent boy who got separated from his parents at a small age because a monster killed them known as Voldermort. He was fostered by a horrible family known as the Dursleys. After a few years mysterious letters started to drop at privet drive(where Harry lived). Uncle Vernon  got so mad and ripped the letters until they found out Harry was a wizard. The Dursleys got so annoyed and went to a small hut. But suddenly a beetle eyed giant known as Hagrid. He broke down the wooden door and told Harry he was a wizard, also he bought Harry a cake that Dudley ate and Hagrid made Dudley have a mouse tail. The next day Hagrid and Harry went to diagonal alley to get a new wand but everyone was pushing each other to see Harry because he is the one who got rid of voldermort. After Harry left he went to get hedwig( a white owl that delivers and sends letters). Next Hagrid to Harry to go to 9 3/4 but Harry was confused, until he saw Ron’s parents. He saw Mrs Weasley and asked her how to get in 9 3/4. She told Harry to run into the wall. When Harry done it he went to the Hogwarts express. Ron aned Harry were sitting in front of each other and started eating lots of chocolates and sweets. After a while Harry ate a chocolate frog but the frog jumped to the window, he checked what card he got. He got Professor Dumbledore suddenly he disappeared,next Harry saw Hermoine and them two started to talk and then she left again. After that long drive they finally arrived at Hogwarts. Dumbledore clapped for their attention and told everyone to go into the great hall. The second everyone sat down he put a weird type of hat on a chair. Then he told them it was the sorting hat. Suddenly the hat started to sing a little jingle. Then he told the four houses, Gryfinddor,Slytherin,Hufflepuff and Ravensclaw. Each person put the hat on until Harry. Everyone tried to see Harry, Harry put on the hat on whispering to himself, ” Not Slytherin, not Slytherin,” “Not slytherin eh,you will be really good there,” said the hat. ” Well it better be Gryffindor!” The whole Gryfinddor table were clapping. Harry was relieved because he was with Hermione and Ron. Then they had a big feast to celebrate. After they finished the feast they went into the Gryfinddor common room. The next day Gryffindor and Slytherin were taking Quidditch practice together. During  practice Malfoy stole Neville long bottom remember ball(small glass ball filled with smoke that turns red if he forgot something), and started to fly on his broom stick into the air, but Harry started to fly in the air as well. But suddenly Harry went flew in front of Professor Mcgonagall office(Gryffindor headmistress) after Malfoy took a sharp turn. Professor Mcgonagall came storming in and told Harry that his flying was really good so he will be in the Gryffindor Quidditch team! Harry told Ron and Hermione. After a few months later Malfoy challenged Harry to a midnight duel but when Harry left with Ron and Hermione but Malfoy never came so one of the prefects saw them and alerted the whole school by screaming really loud so they ran into a random room and saw a three headed dog and one of its paw was over a trap door. Next Harry, Ron and Hermione  tricked Hagrid into telling how to get past Fluffy(huge dog with three heads guarding the mysterious wooden door) The way to get past him is by playing some soothing music. After they played the harp to make fluffy sleep they moved his leg and went into the trapped door. First they played magic chess as the players, but Ron and Hermione got out the game and it was all up to Harry, when Harry beat the chess game he got passed the door while Ron and Hermione were trying to get their breath. Finally Harry went down but saw Professor Quirell and the mirror of erased(mirror that shows what you want but now one else can see), all this time Harry thought that Snape was trying to steal the stone. Professor Quirell told Harry to look into the mirror of erased and saw that the philosophers stone was in his pocket then Harry put his hand in his pocket and it was there. Quirell asked “what do you see” ” I see me shaking my hand with Dumbledore” Harry replied. ” But Harry heard a cold viscous call. “Lies, he lies let me see him”. Then professor Quirell started to take of his turban from his head and Harry saw another face behind Quirell. The freaky head came of and sweeper through Harry body and he fell to the ground and the stone fell out of his pocket, it was a shiny purple chunk of rock that make you an immortal. But suddenly Harry put his hands across Quirells face and then his face started to look like sand and was dripping grain by grain. Then Harry started to go up the stairs but Voldermort shot towards him and Harry fell down making the philosophers stone crack in pieces and Voldermort was vanished into the wall. Harry, Ron and Hermione ran into the great hall and came just in time to see who will win the house cup. Sadly Slytherin won again but Harry got 150 points for getting rid of Voldemort and Ron and Hermione got 50 points each for helping Harry on the way making Gryffindor win. Everyone was clapping and they had a massive feast once again. After they went outside into the Hogwarts express but when the went out side Professor Dumbledore said no magic at home but Harry said to himself “I can’t way to see what to do to Dudley”


I recommend this book from ages 9 and older because it has some complicated words but is really good for writing a story. Also I predict that in the next book Harry might find Voldemort in the chamber because the next book is called the chamber of secrets.



Narnia Review

In Narnia there was an air raid attack and everybody was running away so Lucy, Edmund, Peter and Susan decided to live somewhere else so they took the train and left to go to a nice place but it turned out to be professors house and when they arrived they saw there rooms. They were playing hide and seek s0 Lucy entered and saw a wardrobe so she went to hide through the wardrobe and saw loads of snow there so she went through and played with the snow. Then there was a sound.Edmund is a boy who likes playing sport and is adventurueos. He likes meeting over people he see’s. Peter is adventurueos as waell and likses to play loads of games.Lucy is a explorer she likes to find new people and make friends to everybody she meets.Susan likes to look herself in the mirror and plays a little archery.Aslan is a Lion that kills,he his friendly to others and nice.The White Witch is sneaky she allways makes it snow but never christmas.The best bits in Narnia is that when the white witch puts the sword in Aslan’s tummy and Aslan fel asleep.When Edmund and Peter fight to kill the White witch.When the Thorne tells Lucy that Aslan comes and goes.When the friendly wolf helped them and the White witch.I didn’t like when the white witch was turning people into stone.I really enjoyed the book it gave me clues of what is going to happen next because it was so exiting.


Roman Numerals 97-107 By Aikaan and Sahiththian












Roman numerals 86-96 By Aikaan and Sahiththian












Roman Numerals 75-85 By Aikaan and Sahiththian













My Book Review about The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe By Aikaan

First Peter, Susan, Edmond and Lucy got evacuated because there was a war.  There were in the countryside. They went in a house which lived a professor. Lucy saw a wardrobe. It led directly to Narnia. Edmond went in the wardrobe as well but when peter and Susan said if you have been in the wardrobe he said no but he actually lied. After that their were playing Cricket. When Edmond hit the ball with the bat it broke the window. The window was made of Glass. She was catching them but they went in the wardrobe and they came to Narnia. They fell backwards in the snow. They met the Beavers. Then they found Asland. Then their had a war. The witch cutted the lions hair.

The main characters are Lucy, Edmond, Peter, Susan, Aslan and The white witch. Lucy, Edmond, Peter and Susan are children who got evacuated by a war. The white witch is the bad character. Aslan is the king of Narnia. Everybody is a good character apart from the white witch. Peter got a shield and a sword by Father Christmas. Edmond also got a shield and a sword. Lucy got a medicine which can cure any cure. It takes 1 drop to cure anything. Susan got a archery set with arrows and a archery shooter.

One of the best things in the story was their was a war. It was a very big war to save Narnia and be kept in good hands and have a very good leader. One more of the best things was when Peter and Edmond became kings and Lucy and Susan became Queens of Narnia. Now Asland is not the leader of Narnia. Asland trusted Them to become Kings and Queens of Narnia and be kept in good hands. One more was when they got evacuated. That was a sad highlight. Last for not least they went to the countryside.

One of the boring bits was where they got evacuated. I would like to see more about it. One more of the boring bits was where Lucy was telling the truth. I thought they should believe it.

I would read the story again because it was really interesting.  It had a lot of actions in it.














































10 science experiments

Here are ten science experiments which can be used in parties or to impress friends.

1. First . get a lighted candle and get a lighted matchstick as well, if you blow out the candle and hold the matchstick in the smoke of the candle, the candle becomes lighted again.

2. Take a half empty coke can. It will balance on its edge perfectly.

3. Take a table cloth and put it on a table. Then put valuable objects on it. To take the tablecloth off without damaging the valuable items, instead of pulling horizontaly, pull vertically.

4. If you ask someone to rotate their foot clockwise and draw the number 6 in  the air, they will find their foot rotating anticlockwise.

5. Take a jug and pour in some vinegar and some baking powder inside. This creates carbon dioxide in the jug so if you pour some of that CO2 onto a candle, the candle goes out.

6. Ask someone to put their hand on a table then move their fingers one by one of the table. Then ask them to put their middle finger under their hand. While they  will be able to move their index and pinkie finger, it will be impossible to move their ring finger.

7. Put a matchstick through  2 forks then put it on your finger. Amazingly, it will balance on your fingertip.

8. Take a bouncy ball and a table. Amazingly, if you throw under the table, it will return to exactly the same place from which you threw it.

9. Take a bank note with a portrait on it and put a crease threw each eye and another crease going in the opposite direction in the middle. Then just by moving the note, you can make the face smile or frown.

10. ( I couldn’t explain properly so just look below.)


Also this movie was provided by quirkology and you can see more videos on you tube by typing in ten science experiments by quirkology.